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PRIO's list of publications is undergoing major changes, and not all new publications are listed below. A complete list of PRIO publications published in 2012 i.
Feb 6, 2013 ... I am writing a thesis where there is an overall bibliography. Plus, I want to make a separate list of my own publications. I tried exactly this: ...
A doctoral dissertation shall consist of peer-reviewed scholarly publications or ... information be provided in the list of publications included in the dissertation.
Biblioteca Universitaria di Lugano; Università della Svizzera italiana; Lugano.
We advise you to consult good examples of theses including published works in your ... A list of publications included in the thesis should be included at the ...
In the field of sciences, it is not considered a peer-reviewed publication. Typically when people ... Senior year, MS, and PhD theses that are either archived in libraries or available online as open source papers. Should ... And if you would put the thesis in the list of peer-reviewed publications then we would definitely see it as ...
The Library archives all the EPFL theses dating from the first one in 1920. You can access the ... Publication status, all published ... All EPFL PhD theses.
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tiques et Crit`ere de Harris http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/fabio-lucio.toninelli/hdr 18mai2010.pdf. • PhD thesis: Rigorous results for mean field spin glasses: thermody-.
Feb 16, 2017 ... Many theses are available as postscript or pdf files, sometimes in compressed form, ... pdf file (5.7 MB): /afs/desy.de/group/h1/psfiles/theses/h1th-693.pdf II. ...... Birmingham Hywel Thorburn PHILLIPS PhD Dissertation Track ...
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