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To join us as a PHDays Everywhere site just email us at phd@ptsecurity.com and let us know which of the following activities look interesting to you.
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In return for organizing a PHDays Everywhere venue, we promise to publish information about all participating parties (names, descriptions, logos, links and ...
Noise is everywhere in radio, and in digital radio it is more than a nuisance. With the Packet-in-Packet (PIP) technique, noise can turn a benign packet into a ...
Registration · Everywhere · News ... PHDays.ru is over and it's kind of sad - I am already looking forward for the ... 14.06.2016 PHDays VI: WAF Bypass Contest.
PHDAYS EVERYWHERE · PROGRAM ... PHDays is a site where a friendly meeting of an information security officer and a hacker is possible. Only here the elite ...
Everywhere · News ... PHDays gives talented teams momentum for innovations development and for ... Participating in the PHDays CTF means a lot of swag!
Download the full program in PDF. Videos of reports and hands-on-labs (Russian and English). The program of the PHD forum is created to cover the most wide ...
PHDays IV Everywhere - Ukraine. May 21, 2014 1 minute read. 21-22 мая с 10: 00 до 21:00 мы проводим онлайн-трансляцию форума Positive Hack Days.
Written and Directed by. Sergey Gordeychik. root@phdays.ctf. Dmitry Evteev. Producer. Victoriya Alekseeva. Creative Director. Evgeny Kireev. 0day style.
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